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Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Ever-shifting technology & business innovations are redefining tech departments. They're morphing into broad technology ecosystems via internal and external tech integration, as opposed to sitting still as standalone units.

Many companies are now adapting Agile and DevOps processes - two IT-driven approaches that are now considered critical for a successful digital transformation.

A growing number of "citizen developers" are building custom business applications without code, resulting in better access to data and faster decision making.

Digital disruption cannot be created or managed without realization that...  1) Talent matters, 2) AI isn't the future, it's now, 3) Agile is everything, 4) All roads must lead to value, and 5) Security is more than just protection.

View this list of trending predictions and ideas from industry experts who track IT budgets, cybersecurity, hiring, infrastructure management, IoT, virtual reality and more.

In today's rapidly changing digital landscape, companies that understand their talent needs and know how to meet them have a competitive edge.  Here's how they do it.

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