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Thursday, January 18th, 2018
From 6/09 CIO Insight...
Finding the best talent is a key to success.  These books will help you brush up on your interviewing skills and get better at identifying the best job candidates.
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From 6/2/09 All Things Digital...
Microsoft's Bing search engine retrieves on-target and useful information in a user-friendly manner that looks and feels more inviting than Google.
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From 5/31/09 NY Times...
Treat applicants as you'd wish to be treated yourself - since one day you too may be on the other side of the table.
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From 5/26/09 InformationWeek...
Performance is impressive as well as the enterprise ecosystem.  But is Microsoft missing a chance to offer more help to the average PC user?
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From 6/1/09 CIO Minute...
Don't get caught by these six common mistakes in vendor management:
1.  Failing to speak with one voice
2.  Skipping the homework
3.  Fixating on price
4.  Using too few suppliers
5.  Only dealing with large vendors
6.  Signing and forgetting
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From 5/09 CIO Insight...
CIO's can have a direct impact on revenue generation.  View the top technologies that can boost your company's revenues, according to a survey of 240 CIOs.
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