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Monday, June 25th, 2018

From 5/18/09 CNN...
The Hubble Space Telescope captures the mystery of the galaxies.
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From 5/16/09 CNN...
We may be coming upon a new era for the Internet search.  And, despite its dominance, Google is not the only player.  New search engines that are popping up across the Web strive to make searches faster, smarter, more personal and more visually interesting.
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From 5/8/09 CIO Insight...
Many executives view IT budgets as erratic.  Here's what CIOs can do to present a strong plan for financial control, ie: re-thinking the way they pitch numbers.
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From 5/11/09 Computerworld...
Google may know more about you than your mother does.  Got a problem with that?
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From 5/4/09 CIO Insight...
By 2011, the current version of the internet (IP version 4) will be running out of address space.  CIOs need to be ready for IPv6, and that if they're not, they need to figure out what to do to fix that.
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From 5/4/09 Computerworld...
Maybe some IT jobs will be saved if enough executives read a March 8 research note from AMR Research Inc.'s Phil Fersht and then are able to convince the top brass of the sense of Fersht's argument.  Which is this:  The cost of laying off an IT employee may exceed the benefit to be derived!


He says that should the economy recover in 2010, a company might derive only $50,000 to $100,000 in savings from each IT layoff, after all costs have been incurred. 

Then Fersht asks how those savings stack up against the cost of replacing the laid-off employee once conditions improve.  "How can you put a price on replacing the inherent business knowledge of that staff member when you rehire a replacement?" he writes. "It may take another year or two to get the replacement up to speed, and will not only end up costing you more, but may also impede your executives from accessing critical data in a timely fashion.

The overall cost of replacing that staff member could easily be three times the costs saved by laying her off.  And these easily-identified direct costs are only the beginning; the costs incurred to your culture and morale can prove even more damaging."

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