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Friday, March 23rd, 2018

From 3/26/09 WSJ...
Companies across the technology industry are jockeying to associate themselves with "cloud computing," but few agree on the term's definition.
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From 3/21/09 InformationWeek...
1.  Learn new skills
2. Start a new venture
3. Get in shape
4. Spend more time with friends & family
5. Volunteer to help others
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From 3/17/09 InformationWeek...
Tech turnaround.  Computer science studies rebound after 6 years of decline.
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A quick story about dedication, determination and stick-to-itiveness.  Things aren't always what they appear to be... 

One of thousands of varieties, the Black Bamboo seed resembles a nut with a very tough skin.  After planting, it must be watered and fertilized almost weekly.  To the frustration of the novice farmer, during the first year nothing at all seems to happen.  The second year, the seed is watered and fertilized repeatedly.  Yet again nothing appears to be happening.  The same process of feeding and watering is repeated through the third and fourth years -- still nothing "visually" happens.

Then during the fifth year, in the sixth month, the seed opens and a stalk bursts through the ground, and within a period lasting no more than six weeks the bamboo grows to a majestic height of 20 feet.

The question is when did all this growth really take place -- 20 feet in six weeks, or 20 feet in five years?  What do you think?  No random result....

We believe the growth was a result of "precise events" staged over the entire five years.

Why?  Because at any time during that interval, had fertilizing and watering not been maintained, the seed would surely have died.

An interesting story about creative problem-solving from both a professional & personal standpoint.
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From CareerBuilder...
Understanding and discussing social media can feel like mastering a second language. To help, CareerBuilder scoured several sources to compile a list of common online terms and their definitions to help demystify the wide world of Web 2.0.
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