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Thursday, January 24th, 2019

Honoring the best of the web... in categories of Interactive Advertising & Media, Online Film & Video, Websites, Mobile & Apps and Social.  Check out the 2013 nominees and register your vote as part of the Webby People's Voice Awards.  Read more & vote now.

IT can no longer serve a back-office, support-the-business role in today's "tech as product" world.  To stay relevant, IT must become a developer of digital products and apps that customers use directly to help drive company growth.  Is the CIO and IT up to this new customer-centric challenge?  Click to read more on InformationWeek.

Test your memory of these "technology" sounds from yesteryear!  5.25" floppies, dial-up modems, dot matrix printers, 8mm film projectors, rotary dial phones, cash registers, VHS tapes... How many of these do you remember? Click to view on CIO.com

Algorithms were 88% accurate in predicting male sexual orientation, 95% for race, and 80% for religion and political views.  Personality and emotional stability were also predicted with accuracy ranging from 62% to 75%.  Bottom line... what you "Like" on Facebook can reveal more than you think!  Click to read on Computerworld.

CEOs are hiring hotshot Chief Digital Officers to run strategic, customer-facing projects & operations as well as create and monetize new digital product offerings.  Is this good news or bad news for CIOs?  Click to read more from CIO.

As Big Data systems & applications grow, CIO's run the risk of becoming bypassed.  As businesses collect more and more data, analytical software is already being purchased and used without input from IT.  The consequences to both the organization and the CIO are dire.  And then there's the emerging role of CDO - Chief Data Officer reporting directly into the CEO.  What to do CIO?  Click to read more at WSJ.

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