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Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Speaking of Presidents... take a look at these photos of the 44 men, from Washington to Obama, who won the highest office in the U.S.  View more on CNN.com.

Windows 8 LogoWindows 8 features touchscreen capabilities, a drastically different interface and runs on tablets as well as PCs. It can be controlled entirely by touch (on compatible devices), with a mouse and keyboard, or any combination you like. Microsoft is hoping this dramatically new system will be hip and enjoyable to use - but will you?  Read more on CNN.

For 2013 Gartner predicts...  Personal Cloud, Internet of Things, Actionable Analytics, In-Memory Computing, Virtual Applicances, Enterprise App Stores, etc.  Read more at Computerworld.

Money Quiz PixWhether you're CIO, CTO, Project Manager or Business Analyst, the more you know about finances and your ability to "see the big picture" the better for your credibility, career and your company. Here are 10 questions to test your knowledge about dollars & cents.  Take the quiz at CIO Insight.

Watch Felix Baumgartner ascend 24+ miles high in his balloon capsule and then jump out for the highest ever free fall - breaking the sound barrier and hitting 830+ mph!  Two hours up and 4 minutes down... landing gently on his feet!
Read and view here from CNN.

How can digital ad agencies, content publishers and other digital media companies compete with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google not to mention other exciting startups?  Read more on Digiday.

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