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Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Interesting article on just how vulnerable the internet really is to experiencing a total "meltdown" via natural disaster, cyberwarfare, political mandates, terrorism, etc... and an interesting recipe for future recovery & survival.   (CNN 7/10/12)
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Outsourcing is O-U-T as new CIO Randy Mott overhauls it's IT operations - flipping from 90% outsourced IT to 90% of work done by internal staff.  This also includes plans to consolidate 23 data centers to 2 new ones.  Lots of IT staffing work  to do.   (InformationWeek 7/9/12)
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Business analysts are in high demand!  Companies are finding they can't easily outsource industry, applications & domain knowledge, strategy & critical thinking!  With cloud computing and mobile technologies accelerating the pace of apps development, and with data science, business analytics & metrics on the rise, more business analysts than ever are needed right now!    (Computerworld 7/11/12)
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Computer science interest and enrollment has declined over the years in large part due to concerns of work being moved offshore.  Does this still hold true?   (InfoWorld 6/18/12)
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Venture capital money has attracted a host of characters into digital media.  Many are incredibly talented, smart and fun people.  But then there are these...  a few bad apples to be aware of.  Know any?  (Digiday 6/25/12)

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Apple introduced it's next generation mobile operating system, iOS 6 sporting 200 new features & upgrades - including the new Apple Maps, deep Facebook integration and improvements to Siri.  (CNN 6/13/12)

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