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Friday, May 25th, 2018

Charisma isn't something you have. It's something you earn. Some people instantly make us feel important, feel special, light up a room just by walking in. Here's why and how they do it… and you can too. Read more from Inc. Magazine 7/10/12.

Despite frequent pronouncements of obsolescence since the 1990s, mainframe computers continue to thrive in a range of applications, adapting to use new microprocessors and operating systems. Mainframe hardware and service revenues account for some 25% of IBM revenues and 40% of profits!
In fact, IBM is introducing yet a new line of the "bulky machines."  Read more NY Times 8/28/12.

Most questions candidates ask are intended to impress, but then there are those asked by "great" candidates that purposefully want them answered because they're evaluating you, your company--and whether they truly want to work for you.  Here are 5 questions these great candidates ask.  (Inc. 8/6/12)

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Data Scientists are in demand across the country and across all industries from retail, eCommerce, healthcare, insurance, media, advertising, etc.  Here's a brief description of some top cities with data science jobs... but stay tuned as the opportunities expand!  (eWEEK 8/6/12)
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Project One was a sponsor for this year's 2012 ESPN ESPY Celebrity Golf Classic, helping to raise $1 million for cancer research for The V Foundation.  Project One joined other prominent companies within the sports, media & entertainment industry to raise money for this very worthy cause.  (JimmyV.org)
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Publishing today is not just about great editorial content...  creative tech star talent is needed on their teams if they're to move their companies forward in today's digital media world.  The big question is how to attract & hire top IT staff, CTO thru developers & engineers when Google and startups are knocking on their doors.   (Digiday 8/2/12)
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