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Project One’s Data Science & Analytics Practice, supplies professionals with deep statistical “big data” analytics and predictive modeling experience. These are individuals who can help companies move from traditional BI historical reporting to inferential analytics and predicting future outcomes. The result: companies that compete on metrics achieve competitive advantage, increase revenues & profits and optimize performance.

The Increasing Volume & Velocity of Data

The exponential expansion of captured digital data via the web, mobile, video, social media, digital sensors, etc. combined with major advances in lower-cost processing power, open source database applications and wider bandwidth has sparked massive interest across the entire business world in the emerging field of big data science and analytics.

Big data is too voluminous and too unstructured to be managed and analyzed through traditional means. The sheer volume and velocity of today’s data makes capturing, filtering, storing and analyzing it a real challenge. New architectures and products are entering the ecosystem requiring new skill sets and expertise. There’s growing need for individuals who can integrate new infrastructure, platforms and processes into the organization as well as those who can build new analytics and algorithms capable of creating enormous intelligence of great business value.

New Actionable Insights for Business

Data Science & Analytics has application across all industries. For example:

  • eCommerce – Personalization & recommendation engines that increase sales
  • Advertising – Highly targeted, real-time ad delivery to consumers
  • Media & Entertainment – Customized content development that maximizes user engagement
  • Social Media – Increased site “stickiness”, user growth, ability to track fast-breaking trends based on consumer sentiments
  • Financial Services –Optimized lending practices that minimize risk and fraud
  • Pharma / Bioinformatics - Improved drug discovery, more effective treatments of threatening diseases, genetic engineering enhancements         
  • Healthcare – Better scoring of medical patients for health risks as well as anticipation and early prevention of diseases
  • Power/Energy – Smart grid intelligence, usage efficiencies, energy savings and reduction of downtime
  • Information Security – Vastly improved theft detection and monitoring of valuable company information and assets

Data Scientists & Analytics Team Members

Project One provides talented professionals who understand data analytics and decision science, are well versed in IT, have strong business acumen and possess the ability to communicate effectively with decision-makers.

Our candidates and consultants typically have advanced Masters / PhD degrees in one or more of the following: Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Informatics, Predictive Analytics and/or Data Science.

In combination with their technical skills, we recruit professionals who also possess strong soft skills and personal traits including: intense curiosity, passion for problem-solving, creativity, ability to visualize solutions, logic matching skills, positive can-do attitude, and strong communications & interpersonal skills among others.

Positions & Roles

  • Data Scientists
  • Data Miners
  • Data Modelers & Analysts
  • Data Visualization Designers
  • Predictive Analysts
  • Quantitative Analysts
  • Big Data Architects & Engineers


  • Oracle / SQL Server / Teradata
  • Cassandra / Hadoop / MapReduce / HBase
  • Aster / Greenplum / Netezza


  • Ajax / C++ / CSS / HTML5 / Java / JavaScript / Perl / Python / Scala
  • Hive / Pig / Lucene / Mahout / Solr

Statistics & Forecasting

  • Angoss / MATLAB / R / SAS / SPSS

Data Visualization

  • QlikView / Spotfire / Tableau / yWorks

BI & Reporting

  • BusinessObjects / Cognos / MicroStrategy

The Data Science Talent Gap

In today’s emerging field of Data Science, there is a huge skills deficit of data analytics professionals with practical, real-world industry, business and technology experience. Project One can help you overcome this challenge by creating a customized and unique search solution to identify, attract and retain the top talent your organization needs to meet your business goals & objectives.

For Further Information

We’d enjoy the opportunity to learn more about your IT and Data Science staffing requirements and to describe how we can be of service. Please contact us at 212-268-5800.

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