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Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Today's New Articles

If you work (or want to work) in digital media or data science in NYC, then Gridley’s Guide to Digital New York is a must read. It's a unique and comprehensive report for investors, buyers and entrepreneurs looking for one place to quickly get up to speed on New York’s exciting, explosive digital ecosystem.  View Amazing Presentation!

Attention "Big Data" newbies! Need a quick overview of  "Big Data" definitions, technologies, software, terms, etc.  This article from ZD Net provides a nice quick cheat sheet for beginners to print out and review.

Data is becoming a critically important tool for managers in digital and traditional industries.  Data lets leaders gather and analyze information about their companies more effectively and allows them to make faster and better strategic decisions.  (Harvard Business Review 9/11/12)

Check out these Big Data statistics and infographics that shows how much the field is exploding with innovation and development!  There's over 30 significant drivers and factors to consider.  Read more 8/1/12 – Originating Author:  Jeff Kelly with David Vellante and David Floyer. The Big Data market is on the verge of a rapid growth spurt that will see it top the $50 billion mark worldwide within the next five years.

As of early 2012, the Big Data market stands at just over $5 billion based on related software, hardware, and services revenue. Increased interest in and awareness of the power of Big Data and related analytic capabilities to gain competitive advantage and to improve operational efficiencies, coupled with developments in the technologies and services that make Big Data a practical reality, will result in a super-charged CAGR of 58% between now and 2017.  Below is Wikibon’s five-year forecast for the Big Data market as a whole: Data scientists come from various research backgrounds, bringing a wide array of interests to bear upon their work. Noah Zimmerman, Senior Data Scientist at Greenplum, embodies this eclecticism. Boasting a background in immunology and biomedical informatics, Zimmerman is also fascinated with human-computer interaction and design for collaboration. All of these interests inform Zimmerman’s work with Greenplum customers. In this interview, he speaks about his background, and the path from immunology and design to data science.

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