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Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Today's New Articles

Nate Silver documentary about the 1997 epic showdown between IBM's "Deep Blue" computer and former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov.

Advances in predictive modeling mean that algorithms can be cheaply deployed with more automation to help companies predict demand for their product line.  This will evolve to operational analytics processes that are embedded, automated and prescriptive.

Here's a checklist for any high-performing data analytics team that will allow you to deliver on a wide range of technology needs while still demonstrating a command of critical soft skills.

IT leaders often lose sight over what & how to achieve their big data objectives - regardless of the size of their investment in analytics tools and talent.  Here are 8 classic mistakes, traps and trouble signs to avoid which will help you minimize the obstacles you'll undoubtably run into.

The demand for analytics is rapidly transforming the very concept of what CIOs do.  Find out how CIOs are reimagining their roles and the traits & approaches that are most needed to excel in this new world.

The corporate appetite for big data is translating into rising salaries for IT pros.  This slideshow compares salaries, skill requirements and typical roles of 10 data-centric IT jobs.

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