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Thursday, January 24th, 2019

Today's New Articles

Data science competitions and other forms of crowdsourcing offer viable means of advancing the art of the possible quickly and cost-effectively. Here are some possibilities.

From drug discovery to price optimization... across every industry, more companies are using predictive analytics to increase revenues, reduce costs and modernize the way they do business.

Cyber criminals have stepped up aggressive attacks across all industries seeking to steal consumer identities.  In 2015, nearly 20 million personal records were compromised by cyber attacks.  Here are the most notable ones.

Smart, driven workers who excel at tech, analytics and business can make all the difference between analytics leaders and laggards.  Here are best practices for recruiting top-notch analytics professionals.

Like the Wizard of Oz, few people know what Data Scientists do behind the curtain.  Is it good data science... or bad data science?  These tips will help you better decide.

Inaccurate data muddles the business view of customers and processes.  Companies are spending millions of dollars to correct inaccurate data.  Data quality is critical in order to create actionable assets for the business.

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