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Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Today's New Articles

  writes on GigaOM that, "If the big data era is really going to revolutionize our world, visualizations that let more people make sense of data will be critical. Here are six startups trying to change how we interact with and look at our data. With that in mind, here are six startups I’ve seen trying to fundamentally change the way that data is visualized

The Big picture of where Data Science Degrees can be earned in the U.S.  Data Informed have created an interactive map with many of these programs and others. They did not include the MIT, programs in Europe, online programs like coursera or our data science apprenticeship.

Mike Loukides writes about what's on many people's mind. "If data scientists aren't skeptical about how they use and analyze data, who will be?"  It's interesting to see how Big Data can be used to produce effective lies and negative results just in the same way it can do so much good.  Lots of links to other related stories from MathBabe Blog/Data Scientist Cathy O'Neil and others

Matt Youell, a professional  Software Engineer, recently wrote a blog posting addressed to hiring managers and tech recruiters about how he and other programmers would like to be recruited.  It's a message that resonates in a tight market so I think we should all stop and listen to Matt's advice on his blog post.

What are the best blogs for data miners and data scientists to read?  Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, of KDNuggets summarizes the discussion on Quora and adds his favorites.

By David Talbot on MIT ReviewThe largest-ever release of mobile-phone data yields a model for fixing bus routes.  Researchers at IBM, using movement data collected from millions of cell-phone users in Ivory Coast in West Africa, have developed a new model for optimizing an urban transportation system.  The IBM model prescribed changes in bus routes around the around Abidjan, the nation’s largest city. These changes—based on people’s movements as discerned from cell-phone records—could, in theory, slash travel times 10 percent.

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