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Monday, November 19th, 2018

Today's New Articles

BY: LYDIA DISHMAN:  The bid for tech talent in the bastion of geekdom that is Silicon Valley is a serious pursuit for two women who are shaping startups and high-growth companies, one individual, and one connection, at a time.

Maria Deutscher | April 19th: Data scientists are a rare commodity in today’s job market, and this is not expected to change anytime soon.  Leading Hadoop distributor Cloudera is hoping to address this widening knowledge gap by doubling down with academia.  The vendor just announced that it is launching the Cloudera Academic Partnership, a program meant to help universities equip students with the skills necessary to accelerate the “new Big Data economy”.  The first seven higher education institutions that signed up for CAP are:

The proliferation of Big Data has forced agencies to consider its great potential to revolutionize federal operations.  As a result, many agencies are trying to train and/or hire a workforce to leverage Big Data, but in the current budget climate, new hires and investing in training courses is proving to be difficult or impossible.

GigaOM Structure: Data 2013 Conferences Event · Thu Mar 21, 2013: VIDEO: Four for the Future: Upcoming Database Technologies That Are Not Hadoop: Panelists include: Damian Black, CEO of SQLsteam, Emil Efrim, CEO of NEO Techonlogy /Neo4j, Ryan Garret, VP of Product, MemSQL, and Andrew Cronk, CEO of TempDB.

Over the past decade, we have mispredicted earthquakes, flu rates and even terrorist attacks. Yet we seem to have access to more data and computing power than ever. "Why isn't big data producing big progress?" asked statistician, author and NY Times Nate Silver during an April 5, 2013 talk at Cornell. Known for his innovative analyses of political polling, Silver is author of "The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail - but Some Don't" and author of the New York Times political blog FiveThirtyEight. Silver first gained national attention during the 2008 presidential election, when he correctly predicted the results of the primaries and the presidential winner in 49 states.

Data Science Central Webinar Series Event "How to See and Understand Big Data" - May 7th Space is limited.   Visual analysis is an iterative process that exploits the power of the human visual system to help people work with all kinds of data.  When data is big, people must overcome the challenges of wide data, tall data and data from multiple sources.  In this talk, Dr. Mackinlay will describe how people working with data can address these challenges.  The key technique is to use multiple coordinated views of data during visual analysis and storytelling with data.

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