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Friday, March 24th, 2017

Today's New Articles

Dr Jerry Smith of  Data Scientist Insights writes perhaps one of the most helpful 11 Steps to finding a Data Scientist and really applies well to most members of a Data Science Team.  These folks are in super high demand and these steps will definitely help.

The Hadoop open source programming framework for large-scale data analysis is already one of the highest-profile technologies in the "big data" market, but users can expect it to become even more prevalent (->65%) over the next couple of years, according to Gartner. Expect plenty of uptake for natural language and vocal command capabilities in BI applications as well: By Chris Kanaracus | IDG News Service 

Peter Diamandis is chairman and chief executive of the X PRIZE Foundation, a nonprofit focused on designing and launching large prizes to drive radical breakthroughs for humanity. What follows are edited excerpts of his comments at the CIO Network conference about 8 Technologies Ripe for Major Change.  (

Evan Quinn of ESG Global brings us this sweet infoGraphic on new databases. He writes "Not Only SQL Databases Challenge the RDBMS Status Quo: View InfoGRAPHIC. ESG found a wide variety of commercially available databases, which ESG calls "Not Only SQL" databases, beginning to take on the well-established classic relational databases for modern workloads such as big data analytics, graph analytics, SaaS, document/Web oriented applications, and extreme transaction processing. ESG interviewed 23 database vendors in order to better understand the unique nature of the emerging Not Only SQL database market."

How is real-time data impacting ad creative?  In an accompanying op-ed, Moxie Group Creative Director Tina Chadwick makes the case that real-time data analytics is not the anathema some creatives makes it out to be, and that integrating machine learning with human intuition is leading to a new creative process, and some new forms of consumer insights and advertising. In the following interview, Chadwick expounds on that -- straight from her gut. - By Joe Mandese (

Employers in Silicon Valley (and now NY, Boston and DC) and beyond are used to fighting the talent war – especially for qualified engineers. Stock options, free food and dog-friendly environments have become the norm. Attractive hiring packages are a must. Retention efforts are aggressive – think of Google’s $150 million payout to retain two top product managers. The talent war rages on, complete with warnings like “Top 10 Reasons Your Talent Will Leave You.” But recruiters are not helpless in this matter. They can win an unfair share of battles to hire brilliant people by focusing on the following fundamentals. By Asim Razzaq, VP Engineering Axcient.

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