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Monday, November 19th, 2018

Today's New Articles

By Piyanka Jain, CEO of Aryng.  "I came across the term “data scientist” a few years ago when somebody (from the valley, of course) asked me, “So are you a data scientist?" And my immediate answer was, “No, I am not a scientist." Although I already had spent a decade in the data space, driving business impact through analytics, I did not see myself as a scientist..."

You’ve heard about the exploding field of “Big Data” and how predictive analytics will help companies achieve competitive advantage, increase revenues & profits and optimize performance.  But what’s noticeably missing in the discussion is using this technology for HR and predicting workforce behaviors.  In other words, not simply reporting & tracking “what happened” but predicting “what is likely to happen, and how you can be better prepared.”

For example…

. How will job applicants with certain profiles perform in various roles?
. Which high performers are most likely to leave the company?
. Who has leadership potential?
. How often will people be absent from work?
. When are various types of people likely to retire?

This article from identifies what’s preventing companies from using predictive analytics for managing human capital.  Read more on

In this OnDemand webinar, you will learn how and why the techniques pioneered in 5 specific info graphics and visualizations make these visualizations categorize them as the five most influential and the reasons you may want to incorporate these techniques within your own projects.

By Harish Kotadia, Ph.D. | Here’s a compilation of Harish's 5 favorite YouTube videos on the topic of "Big Data". Please note that they are in random/no particular order. Hope you enjoy these videos!  

Vincent Granville of Data Science Central writes that there are two types of data scientists: Vertical data scientists & Horizontal data scientistsIn this article he writes about the key differences and why companies and recruiters need know the difference.

By Violet Blue for Pulp Tech. In a very different kind of "big data" talk than other SXSW 2013 big data presentations, Splunk developer Ed Hunsinger explained how he gathered personal data output of things ranging from sleep machines to Foursquare and created informative data visualizations out of his everyday habits.

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