Job Screening + : How We Find the Right Consultant Every Time

Project One aims for "best fit" rather than "first fit." Our job screening process delivers you the consultants best suited for your project and business environment. Ready to dive in and produce results, Project One consultants save you time, advance your business and ensure your success.

Your Competitive Advantage – Project One's Screening Process

To find these select professionals, we begin with a large pool of candidates. Over the past 25+ years, we've developed a strong referral network that constantly supplies us with top-notch applicants. Project One’s recruiters average more than 12 years' experience and continuously expand our roster of consultants and full-time candidates.

Here's how we evaluate candidates for your positions:

  1. Initial contact. The candidate is presented with your project and pre-screened for suitability. Is the candidate interested and available? Have the proper background, communications skills and attitude? At the right compensation level?
  2. Recruiter interview. A recruiter verifies details of their technical and business experience on the resume and assesses the candidate's non-technical attributes. Our recruiters become familiar with the business acumen and cultural fit you seek.
  3. Technical evaluation. Does the candidate really have the technical skill set he or she claims? An experienced consultant probes the candidate's technical knowledge and may use additional software proficiency tests where appropriate.
  4. Account manager interview. An account manager who knows your company ensures the candidate is suited to the requirement, your project and your office environment.
  5. Reference checks. We contact multiple past supervisors. We check qualifications, technical achievements, employment dates, communication skills, work ethic, attendance record, team spirit and ability to deliver on time.
  6. Background checks. We're not done yet. Upon candidate selection, we run a pre-employment background check that includes criminal background, credit, motor vehicle and other appropriate checks. We also screen for illegal substance abuse.

And that's how you get the right fit every time. Because our stringent screening eliminates mismatches, we confidently send you just 2-3 candidates per opening.

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