Ongoing Support Throughout the IT Project Management Lifecycle

Project One’s ongoing IT project management and support increases your efficiency, forecasts and plans your requirements, and ensures smooth project flow. Our account managers help you in these and other ways, through follow-up reviews and support.

Beyond filling empty seats

Our contribution to your project goes far beyond simply making a placement. Your Project One account manager understands your business goals, technology profile, future initiatives and IT resource needs. He or she works side-by-side with our technical recruiting staff to stay abreast of industry information and shares market trend data and updates with you.

Our goal is to be an industry resource and your trusted business partner.

Steps in the account and IT project management process:

  1. Orientation. Each assignment starts with a meeting between client, account manager and our consultants. We review goals & objectives, confirm your expectations, identify procedures and workflow, and introduce our consultant to other key team members. 
  2. Ongoing evaluation. During the initial few weeks there is frequent review with our consultants to make sure everything is proceeding well and according to plan. On a regular basis, the account manager reviews our consultants' performance with you making sure expectations are being met. 
  3. Service monitoring. The account manager maintains an ongoing presence throughout the project.  He or she keeps a careful eye out for potential issues that may arise so they can be properly resolved in advance. As the project progresses, we anticipate your evolving requirements and prepare a slate of potential additional resources for peak periods or when other specialized expertise is needed. 
  4. Wrapping up and looking ahead. When an assignment completes, we work with you to assess our performance and discuss process improvements for the future. 
  5. Ongoing contact. Between assignments, we stay in contact with you through email, phone calls, visits. Your account manager helps you plan for upcoming needs and provides useful industry and marketplace information.

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